Thursday, May 29, 2008

SSIS approach to handle Inferred Members

While loading data in Fact tables we usually see a scenario where the fact data is available but there is no corresponding business key in the related dimension.

In this case we choose multiple options to resolve the issue.
  1. Ignore that fact

  2. Insert the associated business key in dimension table and return the newly generated surrogate key from dimension table. And now store the data in Fact table with the surrogate key.

The second approach relates to a term called “Inferred members”. All the other attributes of that dimension will also get updated in next run of dimension load (usually nightly load).

In SSIS there are multiple options available to implement the second case.

First approach is to do lookup on the dimension table and for all the rows that are now matching, insert the business key in Dimension table and then do the lookup again to get the surrogate key.

Second approach is to make use of Lookup and Script component. Lookup component will ignore rows with no matching business key in dimension table. Then script component will process only those rows where it didn’t find the associated surrogate key and finally insert the same in dimension table and return the associated surrogate key through stored procedure output parameter.
This script component approach is more efficient because its using the existing lookup component only once and then doing all the processing in script component.

But the additional benefit comes if we make use of .Net Generic.SortedDictionary class to store the cache information regarding the newly generated key. Read more about this here…

- Mohit